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Important moments deserve a unique framework. One with historical cachet, hidden in nature and easily accessible. Such as this hyper modern HANGAR58 with a view on the fairy tale-lit Ancient City, surrounded by 550 hectares of nature. Nearby the buzzing center of Hasselt and Genk, with its own exit on the motorway and own train and bus station.

FUNCTIONal & sustainable


Ranging from international fair to intimate wedding party: you name it, and HANGAR58 is your suitable venue. The inner space can accommodate 2,000 people and can be flexibly divided with modular walls. The glass wall shows a spectacular view upon the ancient building of Bokrijk. Using ornamental tents, the marketplace can be included to expand the capacity of this venue to up to 5.000 people. An exclusive city, entirely yours.

HANGAR58 is a 'green' building in every respect. HANGAR58, a unique ecological sample of architecture from 2009 is literally buried in the green hillside. Water purification is provided by a nearby reed field and the 1500 m² of solar panels on the rooftop provide green power.

HANGAR58 is directly connected to anything that Domain Bokrijk has to offer: a nature reserve with one of Belgium's largest arboretums, the Open Air Museum, the swinging Sixties and the playground.

This wide offer of side animation makes HANGAR58 the perfect location for team buildings and family days, up to 10.000 people. Together with Domain Bokrijk, we arrange a custommade all-in experience for a spectacular day or evening.

The Open Air Museum serves as a supremely romantic setting for a wedding: make a noticable entry on a horse and carriage, dine under the stars on the idyllic ancient marketplace or go all the way by hosting your ceremony in the ancient church.


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by the US weekly magazine TIME,

published on August 24th, 2018. 

- Link to VRT NWS

BIKING THROUGH THE WATER IN TOP 100 "World's Greatest Places"

This beautifully hidden location near the centre of Hasselt and Genk can be perfectly combined with one or more overnight stays. Our qualitative partners listed below will gladly help you with this. They are all part of a hotel group with several addresses in the vicinity, so that larger groups can also be perfectly accommodated according to their needs and wishes. Transport from and to the hotel can be arranged by our contact at the hotel with a shuttle service.







Nele Gommers

+32 498 333 717





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Bokrijk - Parking 2

Herkenrodeplein 5
3600 Genk




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